Uniting to help addicts and their families to destroy the face of heroin.

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In Memory of Nicholas Anthony Fagan“A Change for Nick” is a non-profit charity. We began  after the passing of Nicholas Anthony Fagan, the 23 year old son of Christina and Anthony Fagan and brother of Kacie Fagan. They decided that Nicholas was not going to die in vain and something good must come out of this. They discussed their idea with family and friends who all agreed it is time for a change. We all felt that we are losing too many young men and woman to Heroin in our area. We came together one week after Nick’s passing and have established a board of trustees and a mission. Our mission is to raise awareness in our community and to educate our youth about the dangers of heroin at an early age. By uniting to help addicts and their families to destroy the face of heroin.  We are working together with the state, police departments, and schools to help communicate the dangers of heroin.

Heroin has been steadily and rapidly expanding from the usual centers of use and distribution for over a decade. It can no longer be said to be just an inner city problem or one that affects a certain population or demographic. Heroin use and addiction has been bubbling up from just beneath the surface of many small, affluent, suburban communities and affecting families that were unprepared to face this problem. “A Change for Nick” is here to push the issue and make sure that the families within our  communities are made aware of the growing heroin epidemic.   By raising awareness and educating people about what to look for and getting parents, teachers, and authorities all working in concert to keep young people from picking up this deadly habit we can stop the epidemic and build strong bonds.  We began this foundation in the name of Nicholas Anthony Fagan.   A young man 23 years old who lost his battle to Heroin on May 10, 2013.  Son of Anthony and Christina Fagan along with sister Kacie decided that Nick would not pass in vain.  So with family and friends the foundation was started to make a change in our community.

The donations we receive will be used to raise awareness and to help addicts in our local area who need financial assistance for drug rehabilitation. We are working with Transformation Life Center (TLC, http://www.tlc911.org) a discipleship program which provides services of care for men with life controlling issues  located in NY. We are familiar with the program as Nicholas received excellent care while he was there. We believe this is a worthy center to send someone from our community wanting help.

“A Change for Nick” works to help sponsor drug users who truly would like to make a positive change in their lives. We will also have a scholarship fund for someone who has successfully completed a program and is ready to attend a trade school or college in the area.  We are also setting up a scholarship with Lakeland Regional High School for a student or students who have shown exemplary work in spreading drug awareness in the school and the community.  We ask you for your support and this is one charity that can make a change in the local community. We need to save the lives of our youth. We all need to work together and we ask you to support our functions and ask for donations during the year. Please feel free to email us with any ideas or feedback. Phone: (862) 432-2776

Board of Trustees and staff

  • Chris Fagan
  • Kacie Fagan
  • Val Jerigan
  • Ed Fantuzzi
  • Rose Fantuzzi
  • Megan Fantuzzi
  • Yvette Agnic
  • Marino Agnic
  • Stephen Agnic