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Jersey City doc charged with selling prescriptions featured in Record’s ‘pill mills’ round-up

Dr. Elamir Magdy, who had offices in Jersey City, is one of the doctors featured in today’s front-page story in The Record about “pills-for-cash” schemes on the rise in New Jersey.

A neurologist with an elegant Saddle River home, Elamir, 60, was arrested in 2009 for his alleged role in a prescription drug ring involving drug runners and crooked pharmacists that authorities said put illicit prescription painkillers on the streets in Hudson, Bergen, and other counties, The Record states.

The Attorney General’s Office said in 2010 that Elamir — who had two decades of run-ins with various state and federal authorities — charged $50 for Percoset and Xanax prescriptions without proper examinations.

Runners took the scripts to cooperating pharmacists to be filled for sale on the streets, according to court documents, The Record reports.

In 2012, while awaiting trial, Elamir was again indicted on charges that he wrote prescriptions with a suspended license.

Elamir was “no different than a street-corner drug dealer,” Deputy Attorney General Debra Conrad said in court filings. “He sold drugs to people for money. The only difference is that he did so under the cover of his medical practice.”

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