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We can’t let opioid manufacturers and distributors get away for pennies on the dollar for the #OpioidLie. We’ve lost over 500,000 of our loved ones, while they’ve made over $200 billion in sales during the last twenty years. And now we have an opportunity to hold them accountable for the damage they created to our communities. 41 state Attorneys General, along with 400 cities, towns, hospitals, labor unions, and Native American tribes have filed lawsuits against big pharma companies for their role in this crisis.

But it’s up to us to ensure that our leaders don’t take the first settlement offer they receive. These companies will try to end this by paying out millions – but we all know the truth. We know they owe us #BillionsNotMillions. Take a moment and click here to sign this letter to the National Association of Attorneys General today, and urge them to fight for real reparations for our communities.

Opioid LieThese settlements could fund the things we all know can help bring an end to this crisis. That means more education and prevention, access to treatment on demand, increased recovery supports, and so much more.

Let’s push our leaders – we need you to sign this letter demanding that your Attorney General fight for #BillionsNotMillions.

Thanks for all you do.

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Michael King

Director of Outreach & Engagement


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